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    We tested our runner leash for hundreds of hours in all terrains and environments. It snaps comfortably around your waist for a hands-free experience with your dog. We added two stretchable accordion sections to prevent jerking movements; these accordion sections will keep their spring for thousands of miles. The strong metal clip is rated for over 800 lbs of pull weight, and easily hooked/released with one hand.

    The material is a beautiful and balanced blend of nylon and polyester, allowing for maximum softness and comfort while maintaining a lightweight, fast-drying, durable, and stretch resistant material. With two soft padded handles right where you need them for fast control, and reflective material for added visibility, this leash is the perfect companion for runs and jogs with your pup.

    Check out Alpha Pak's variety of durable and stylish dog collars that match the leashes and backpacks!

    Size:6 to 10 feet when stretched.
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