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    ELIMINATE LITTER BOX ODOR - Does the litter box stink even after you've cleaned it? This is because using a cat litter scoop to clean the litter box breaks up the stinky clumps and contaminates the clean litter. Sifting litter boxes don't work either because the clumps clog up the slots and make for a complicated stinky mess! USE SIFTEASE TO CLEAN YOUR LITTER AND STINK NO MORE! HOW DOES IT WORK? SiftEase is the best litter box accessory you'll ever buy! Simply pour the contents of the dirty litter box into SiftEase; waste stays in the upper sifting basket while clean litter passes through to the bin below. Then lift the basket and dispose of the waste all at once in a bin or waste bag and pour the clean litter back into the box. No more litter scatter mess or painful bending over to scoop! SAVE TIME AND MONEY - With SiftEase, you'll save time because instead of scooping or sifting, cleaning the litter box is now as easy as pouring the nasty out and the clean litter back in. And because clean litter doesn't stink, you'll be able to use the same litter over and over saving you money. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? TRY SIFTEASE TODAY AND SAVE TIME, MONEY, MESS, and ODOR! KEEP KITTY HAPPY AND HEALTHY - We know you don't like cleaning the litter box, but imagine how your cat feels when entering the scary temple of doom that hasn't been cleaned in awhile. Clean litter keeps helps with behavioral problems of the cat skipping the box and you'll love how easy this chore is with SiftEase. Most of all, you and your cat will notice after using SiftEase that the litter box doesn't stink anymore! Odor free makes everyone happy! HAVE MULTIPLE LITTER BOXES OR A LARGE LITTER BOX? No worries, once you get used to the SiftEase method you'll be able to clean several litter boxes at once in just a few minutes compared to the time it used to take to manually search for treasures with a scoop or take apart that self cleaning litter box or automatic litter box to clean it. Large litter boxes work just as well. If you can lift it, you can use SiftEase to clean it No More Scooping | Works with Any Cat Litter Box to Clean Litter, Eliminate Odors, and Allows Reuse of the Litter Litter Sifter works with any litter box to make clean up a breeze Simply pour the contents of the dirty litter box into SiftEase and the 7" deep sifting basket will separate the stinky waste from the clean litter which passes through to the holding bin below Unlike scooping, pouring kitty litter through SiftEase prevents the stinky clumps from breaking apart and contaminating the rest of the clean litter, this eliminates the odors and lets you use that litter over and over again SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY! At Clean Litter Club, we know your pets are your family and you want to take care of them. Keeping your cats litter box clean and odor-free will make both of you happy! With SiftEase, cleaning the litter box is as easy as pouring the dirty litter out and putting clean litter back in. You'll be amazed at how fast and efficient this chore becomes. SiftEase works with any litter box that can be lifted and poured out and with any litter that fits through a scoop. Most cat owners are like us and have given up on the automatic and sifting litter boxes because they don't work! Litter goo gets stuck on leaving a complicated mess. GROSS! Give your cat a litter box that they'll love by simply cleaning it every other day with SiftEase. The chore will be easy and the odors will be gone for good. No more scooping, rolling or taking apart a complicated litter box to clean it. What's Included? Sifting Basket (14.5"L x 10.5"W x 7"H) Holding Bin 28 Qt (14.5"L x 10.5"W x 15"H)
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